Welcome to the HARA Website

The people of Hatton are used to having the HARA Newsletter delivered to their homes four times a year. The new website is an extension of this service. More material can be made available than is possible in the Newsletter; photographs can be more easily viewed, and in colour; and information can quickly be made available, without having to wait for the next printing of the newsletter.

This is a new venture to try to provide an opportunity for the people of Hatton to share what is happening in the village and the surrounding area. It's success or failure will depend on you providing information to appear on the website and sharing ideas about what you would like to see appearing on HARA on-line.

Send ideas and material to the Webmaster: webmaster@haraonline.org.uk

HARA Provides
  • A Tool Library
  • A local Newsletter
  • A Notice Board
  • Village Clean-ups
  • Social events
  • Face Book Page