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  • Chairman's Report to HARA Annual General Meeting

  • Well, a year certainly passes by quickly and no less slowly for writing a clichéd sentence like that! So HARA is now 20 years old. Some of our Committee have been here since the start and it is right to acknowledge with thanks what they have achieved over that time and to salute their indefatigability in keeping going for so long.

    This was my first year as Chairperson and, sadly my last as I have now departed the village. I already miss it very much! The year has brought the usual demands on HARA although it has been difficult to move some things forward due to the other demands on committee members. Time again..... Nevertheless we have made progress in some areas.

    The highlight achievement of the year for me was to see new play equipment installed in the park. This is the end point of three plus years of discussion and hard work and hopefully just the start of a rejuvenation of the play facilities. Thanks to the Landscape Services Department at Aberdeenshire Council for managing the installation. They also provided the new benches for the park.

    Otherwise the work of HARA rolls on, representing issues and interests of the village, maintaining and managing the ever popular Tool Library.

    Special thanks must go to Fred Coutts who is so committed in producing the HARA newsletter every quarter, chivvying me and others to make sure we get our copy in on time and that a very high quality and valuable resource is available to every household in the village.

    Allied to that js the growing popularity (notoriety?) of the HARA Facebook page which provides a useful instantaneous forum for queries, issues and advertising local events. Thanks to those who mediate and moderate and inform the forum.

    The spring Litter Pick was well attended by hardy souls who make a tangible and visible difference to the village.

    lt is good to see the Mill reopen again and to note how busy the Public Hall is with activities. Last year's Gala was the busiest and biggest yet and the Pantomime sold out. All in all, when you reflect on what the village has and achieves, it really is a good place to live and work.

    My thanks must go to my fellow committee members who have worked so hard in the past year and my apologies for moving out of the village and leaving them in the lurch. I will really miss their dedication, hard work and friendship and hope that new folk will come forward to keep HARA alive. lt really is worth it and you can make a real difference in the village.

    Robert McGregor

    May 2017

  • Litter Pick Up

  • A huge thank you to all the hardy souls that gathered at the hall on the afternoon of April 22nd.  After a warming bowl of hearty soup, off they went with bags and grabbers.  They were lucky with the weather – only a few wintery showers! Once they were all picked out, they made their way back to the hall – for hot drinks, carrot cake and double choc chip cookies ( thank you so much Di Steyn for the lovely homebakes)  The chat while they warmed up came to the conclusion that although there are still a few problem areas on the whole it’s quite a tidy village and that perhaps we could look into getting a few more bins for around the village.
    Thank you : Philip Neville, Glynis Neville, Su Olmstead, Danny Olmstead, Dani Styn, Fred Coutts, Iris Watt, Torin Watt, Cara Watt, Hannah Dixon, Niall Watt, Donald Sandilands and Anne Webster.

  • Celebrating TWENTY years of HARA

  • On Saturday May 13th the people of the village accepted the open invitation to come celebrate all things Hatton – one of them being the work of HARA.  Using the 3D map of the village it was amazing to see just how much the village has grown since the map was made over 8 years ago. There were photographs of days gone by and they created lots of chat and memories to share. One of the ideas that came out of the afternoon was to gather more photographs and stories and hold another display later in the year.  Watch this space for future events!  Fly cups of tea and fancy pieces for all - delicious red velvet cupcakes, carrot cake and double choc chip cookies. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who came along and of course those who supplied photo.